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Specialties and Pricing

Finding Sobriety and Maintaining Recovery

This is the key that often eludes those struggling with addiction.  Stopping is a start, but is not enough, and most discover that without specialized help they are unable to maintain this .  We will work together to help you or your loved one develop skills, knowledge, tools, concepts and supports to help you find sobriety and maintain it.


Recovery is Journey. Sobriety is the Beginning.

Healing For Partners from Betrayal and Trauma

Too often, the addiction recovery process focuses almost exclusively on the "addict" and their struggles. For those in a committed relationship with such an individual, there is a lot of isolation, and oftentimes a lack of understanding from those they typically rely on for support, including their spouse.

I will work with you to begin working on the spiritual and emotional journey in your own recovery process. Happiness is Possible for a Loved One.

Relationship Recovery: 

Finding and Strengthening Connection

Perhaps the most significant hurdle for those involved in the recovery process is the damage that intimate relationships experience. Following so much hurt, betrayal, secrecy and emotional variance, most couples struggle with whether they can "get back to what we used to be".  My goal for you is much more than that: I believe that you can become even stronger as a couple.

As with so many other aspects of recovery from sexual addiction, I have been there. Hope is not lost. Change is Possible.

Group Support for "Addicts", Partners, and Couples

Coming Soon!

Therapy Pricing

Prices subject to change; confirm when conctacting us

Cash, Visa, and Mastercard Accepted

Initial Intake Session (90 minutes)
Individual and Couples Sessions (60 minutes)
Group Sessions
To Be Determined
Direct Billing to insurance is not available. (however, I can explain how to seek reimbursement; call for details)
I frequently work closely with LDS and other Ecclesiastical Leaders with are wanting to supplement payment; we can discuss this if you would like to pursue this as an option for part or all of your therapy.



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